About us

How it all began

Hola! We’re Jaime and Mary, the creators of Holá Poke. As a chef and food blogger team, our passion for delicious food inspires us to constantly search for the most amazing and surprising flavors.

The first time we tasted authentic Hawaiian poke, it was a flavor revelation. We couldn’t get enough. The poke fever hit us big time.

We tried every poke bowl in the city, but something was missing. We just couldn’t find the same flavors we’d tasted in real Hawaiian poke.

That’s when we decided to create Holá Poke with one mission: to bring the true flavors of authentic Hawaiian poke to Amsterdam.

Why Holá?

You probably know that holá is “hello!” in Spanish. But did you know that “ola” also means “life” in Hawaiian? Our name is a nod to South America, where our chef Jaime grew up with poke’s Latin cousin, ceviche.

To us, the word “holá” expresses the warm South American welcome and vibrant Hawaiian flavor that we want to give you in every bowl of Holá Poke. So come on over to our restaurant and say HOLA!

What makes Holá Poke different?

Our secret lies in the marinade. At Holá Poke, not only do we use the freshest seafood, but we marinade it to let the flavors sink deep into the fish—just as native Hawaiians have been doing for generations.

The result: authentic Hawaiian poke bowls bursting with flavor in every bite. Try our poke and taste the difference!